Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blendtec Blender

I have been on a morning smoothie kick for the past couple of years and am now to a point where I can not seem to function with out them. Many of my friends from my produce group here in CO often tease me for always pushing "green stuff" in their shakes. I am BIG on blending foods high in anti-inflammatory properties such as spinach and anything else green like the super nutritious Kale (recipe to follow). I started by using my Bosch (another MUST HAVE) blender but it was inadequate in blending all my stuff smooth. So based on my sisters recommendation I upgraded to the best blender ever, the Blendtec (formally Ktec) and have been blending away happily ever since. This blender does the trick beautifully and in my opinion is better than a juicer because you still get the pulp (fiber). I bought mine on EBay for 275$. This is defiantly something I'd have a very hard time living without and made my MUST have list!

No other blender manufacturer can make these claims...

» The Most Powerful - 13 AMP motor! The largest in this industry for fast, thorough blending.
» Lifetime warranty on the blade and coupling.
» No Plunger Necessary - The automatic program fluctuate the speeds. This helps prevent the danger of pushing something into a spinning blade.
» Dry-goods Capability - No need to purchase a separate container or blade to handle dry goods. Mill grains into excellent flours or even cereals.
» Fits under standard cupboard - When it's more convenient, it's easier to use. Yet still holds over 1/2 gallon.
» Electronic surge and thermal protection - State-of-the-art electronics ensures reliability and durability.
» More Convenience! One touch operation. Computer controlled blend cycles that make perfect drinks, soups and desserts every time. Recipe book included.
» More Quiet! The advanced engineering design of the Total Blender and jar makes it much less noisy than other blenders.
» More Time Savings! The Total Blender accomplishes in seconds what other blenders can’t do in minutes.
» More Space, Weight and Handling Efficiency! Small footprint, space-age materials, and state-of-the-art engineering combined with ergonomic design result in tremendous value for you.
» More Reliability! No old fashioned knobs, switches or dials to wear out, break off or gather grime. 100% solid state electronics and sleek touchpad ensure long life and dependable performance.

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Quanah said...

Isn't the Blendtec the best thing in your kitchen? I got mine about six months ago and I use it every day at least once. Makes wonderful sauces and soups as well. Last night, I had a nice get together at my house and the entire meal (dips, salsas, spreads, breads) were made by the blendtec. LOVE it. I too am hooked on smoothies and have lost about ten pounds juicing with this blender! It is amazin.