Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jens White Bread

Bread is my thing. I LOVE IT! It is tradition here at our house, every time I make jam which I have done a couple of times recently, homemade bread is a must.

1 C Water
1 1/2 C Milk
1 stick of butter
6 C flour
1 tea salt
1/2 C sugar
1 Tlb yeast

Melt butter and add water, milk butter and sugar together in microwave or stove top, heat until very warm but not hot. Add 4 C flour to mixer then pour liquid in and mix 1 minute then add yeast, let mix for 2 minutes add remaining flour and salt, let knead for 5-8 more minutes. Remove from mixer and let rise in a greased pan, cover with a damp cloth until dough doubles. Removed from pan onto a well floured counter space and make bread loaves as desired. Place loaves into greased bread pan and bake 325 until golden brown. Removed from oven and let cool slightly and remove from pan, let cool completely on wire rack until ready to bag.


Rachel said...

Jen - Hi, I'm a friend of Robyn and Ted's and found your website through them. I totally love your recipes -- I always love a new recipe! So keep 'em coming!! Your recipes are great and so are the pictures! I just have one do you get your bread slices so perfect?

Rachel said...

oh, yea and one more there an easy way to print your recipes? (I'm currently copy/pasting them to Word)

Brittney said...

I also have a question. How many loaves does this recipe yield? Thanks! Can't wait to try it.