Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rosa Chicken and Pasta

This was a new spin on an old favorite. I had forgotten how yummy it was and I even made it simpler! As many of you know, life is busy for me right now and simplification seems to be a reoccurring theme but I am too stubborn and picky to compromise GOOD FOOD! This meal is the essence of simple yet delicious and very healthy for you. From walking in the door it was done and ready to eat in 15 minutes

2 Chicken breasts
(* HINT - I had previously boiled some frozen chicken breast, seasoned and diced it and put in freezer bags and froze for a busy day... it made this meal a snap!)
Pasta of choice - boiled and rinsed
1 can of organic marinara sauce
2 C organic spinach (I am a spinach girl!)
1/2 C fresh grated Parmesan cheese
(season with salt, pepper and sugar if necessary)

Seriously... it can not get easier than this. Boil the noodles and set aside. In a sauce pan place marinara sauce and frozen chicken into sauce, bring to a slight boil, add cooked pasta and toss. Immediately before serving add fresh spinach and parmesen, serve with fresh french bread (it you have time :) Yummy!

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